My name's Ruben. 6'1. Catalunya, Spain.
July 4th. In this blog there will be everything and anything that interests me at the moment, so... a lot of different fandoms, videogames, and several random stuff. Well, and a lot of atractive women that are ruining my life with their rudeness, some of it will be NSFW, so, be warned.


#there is no escape from these jokes/puns

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Europe in 800 AD


Europe in 800 AD

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mizdaw tagged me in the wallpaper thing, sooooo here it is.

Although it changes every 1 hour or 2, but anyway this is the one that I have now.

EDIT: Correction the one I had 5 min ago.

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Today was a good day… 🌻

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You are Earth's last hope.

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#midnight is a fucking tERRIFYING EPISODE okay

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